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Tired of Third Party Delivery Companies Eating up your profits ?

How do traditional third-party
delivery services work?


Traditional third-party delivery companies, like DoorDash,
Grubhub and UberEats all charge restaurants a
commission on each order. The commission will range
from 20-50%, depending on the size of the restaurant and
negotiation skills of the owner. An average delivery order is
$38.89 and average commission is 30%… That means the

restaurant is giving the third-party delivery company, $11.66
per order. This is equivalent to the restaurant’s food cost!


See Price Comparison

The third-party delivery companies also charge the
consumers a delivery fee, service fee and almost always
engage in menu markup (charge higher than dine-in and
takeout menu prices) to make even more profit! None of
these scenarios is good for the restaurant or the consumer!

Benefits for Restaurants

Trip Delivers No menu markups to the consumer.
No 20%, 30%, 40% plus markup of total food price to restaurants
No hidden fees.
Full transparency of Driver / Consumer and Restaurant receipt.
Flat delivery fee of $3 per order, or flat consumer pickup fee of $2 per order – nonmember price.
Flat delivery fee of $2 per order, or flat consumer pickup fee of $1 per member price.
Activation fee $299.99 regular price NOW ONLY $149.99 activation fee thru December
31,2020 one time ONLY fee.
Annual Membership fee $399.99 regular price or $39.99 monthly price
NOW ONLY $99.99 annual member price thru December 31,2020
We will Integrate your POS system into our Trip Delivers app. Or we will issue a tablet in
the event the restaurant doesn’t have the ability to integrate into the POS.
We issue the restaurant their own merchant processing account so the customer food
order payment goes directly from the customer to the restaurant own account. The
restaurant has direct contact with its customers and their money. TRIP DELIVERS
doesn’t handle the transactions. The restaurant receive their funds with in 24 hour
unlike competitors take 5 to 6 days to pay.
Restaurateurs can refer Trip Delivers to their customers and earn $0.10 every time they
order from their restaurant, as well as when they order from any other Trip Delivers
restaurant partners. Restaurateurs can also earn lucrative commissions by referring Trip
Delivers to other restaurants, consumers and drivers

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