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Which is the right level for You ?

______What’s the Difference?_____


             Sales Rep Affiliate 

– Are individuals who simply re-sell our system. They are not responsible for having to train or follow up with a client after the sale is made. We provide Sales Reps a data mining software program, sales scripts, and links to send out to begin marketing our products. When a sale is made, the sales rep is paid within 24 hours. THERE IS NO CHARGE NOR COST to start as a sales rep. HOWEVER you do have to cold call, or generate your own business. We provide you a data miner to pull leads, but it is up to you to call and make contact, generate interest, follow up, and close. You work when you want, as much as you want, whenever you want.

           Sales Rep & Trainer 

  -Are individuals who not only have the re-sell rights of our system, but the ability to use and train others as well. Because a sales rep and trainer sticks around after the sell to offer support they are paid more.

 Sales Reps & Trainers also DO NOT HAVE TO COLD CALL. 

By using the system and strategies our memberships provide they simply respond to people who are calling them. This means conversion rates are much higher. It is easier to close a client who is calling in to you, rather than a client you first have to call to generate interest, then sell to, then follow up to close.

We offer NO UPFRONT COST to people who want to on board with us as a sales rep & trainer by easy financing opportunities. This give you a chance to get the system, learn it, use it, make money with it, and then pay for it.

  • Trainer Commissions           Affiliate                   License Fee

  • $450- per Rep Package          $100                             $597

  • $850- per Plus Package           $150                              $1297

  • $1500- per Elite Package           $300                              $2997


Start as a SR & Trainer with no upfront out of pocket cost by taking advantage of our finance partners- Cash Mutual, Zippy Loans and PayPal.

The way we are able to help you as a Trainer get started with no upfront cost is through using PayPal credit. They will finance the start up cost to get the software, systems, and training you need. This is a great way to get started earning money now, get paid, and then pay the start up cost through the cash flow of your earnings. Remember no interest for 6 months. Can’t beat it. 

You do have to get approved through PayPal, but it’s a soft credit pull so it won’t hurt your credit to apply, and you can get approved in 5 minutes, and get started ASAP. To take advantage of this opportunity:

1.     Go to PayPal.com and click on PayPal Credit

2.     Apply for $997 or $2497

3.     Once approved email us at ( ron@ronhaslam.com) that you are approved and want to join. If you need to call or text me:      619-736-0319 

We’ll send you an invoice to pay via PayPal with your issued credit.


We offer financing through   cashmutualstore.com  It won’t be 6mo SAC, but they will get you approved.

Or to Start Right Away

You can also simply finance it though your own credit card, and get started immediately. Go to our store –   Tw3 Enroll Now  and pick the membership package that you want. – (Be sure to List your agents name Ron Haslam)

Which one should you start with?

Here’s what you need to to know:

Rep Membership Package – If you are simply interested in re-selling our system, and training new members as well as training sales reps you bring on then this package is all you need.

Plus Membership Package – If you want to train & sell the system, as well as use it to promote your own business, start performing Referral Marketing, CPA, and Affiliate Marketing then this is the package you’ll want. (I recommend this package if at all possible)

Elite Membership Package – If your desire is to do all of the above, plus build your own agency with earning residual income from every member you bring on, have your own online store, and have the tools to do podcast & other high end marketing, this is your package. For the high income earners, this is what you need.


So are people really making money with this?

CLICK HERE to see what recent reps are saying.

What’s included in each package?

CLICK HERE to see an itemized list & other FAQ’s

Sign up within the next 24 hours, and I will enroll you for FREE Of CHARGE in my FAST TRACK Class. This is normally $250, but I will add this as a one time offer for You, to get in on this special training !

So start now by either PayPal Credit,   CashMutualStore.com, or by going straight to my Tw3 store and Pay with your credit card.


How do I know this is not a scam?

The number one questions people ask when they are considering on boarding with us as a member is, “how do I know this is legit”? I totally get this question, as there are a LOT of nefarious charlatans online. So here is what you need to know:

1.     Notice my business is under my name. If I was intended on defrauding people I sure wouldn’t use my own name. I’d come up with some snazzy name like, “The Super Duper Lead Rocket Business”. I do business under my name, so you know I stand behind what I say.

2.     EVERYTHING I do is in writing. People who are trying to deceive people online won’t dare put anything in writing as they then held accountable to their end of the bargain. Our terms & conditions are listed in writing at terrywilson3.com/faq

3.     My broker & producer ID and credentials are displayed under about me so you can verify my credentials, record, and business practice.

4.     I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, and in my current business since 2009. People operate in nefarious business practices, especially online don’t last that long.

5.     While we are not a member, the BBB has given us an A rating.


6.     We make money whether you join or not simply by helping you.

 THAT’S RIGHT! – We are paid by 3rd party companies to refer you to other job opportunities that pay hourly or salary. So our main objective is to help you not sell you. 80% of the people we speak with we actually refer to other job opportunities. I would much rather find you an opportunity that fits you than recruit you into a business that doesn’t. Doing so would only be a headache for us both. Many times people are not necessarily scammed but talked into a job or biz op that is not a fit. This is not good for you or us. This is why we are very careful with who we bring on. You can rest assured if you are seeing this page we believe you are a fit.

It’s important to me that people considering on boarding with us have  a full understanding of our business, what we do, what we offer, how we operate, and what they can expect. As someone who just in recent years lost a business due to the housing marketing crash, I know what it’s like to be vulnerable to online scam artist. That is why I produced a training video to help people avoid these scams. CLICK HERE to see that training.

Agent Name:   Ron Haslam ( TW3 Career Path Specialist)
Office (Sales):   (800)-673-1728 ext1007#
Email:   ron@ronhaslam.com

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