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Tired of not getting paid enough as a delivery driver for the big delivery service companies?

Get paid what you should as a Driver with TripDelivers!

Other delivery companies charge 20%-30% for online ordering/delivery services. TripDelivers is flat fee pricing.

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The restaurant & grocery delivery business is booming right now.
However, most restaurants have a very hard time absorbing a 25% (average) delivery cost charged by popular third party delivery services. Their services range from 20%-30% +. TripDelivers flat fee pricing is just $2-$3 per delivery! Restaurants love us!
TripDelivers is a revolutionary new platform that aims to become a leading restaurant or grocery delivery service.

Some big delivery service companies lack transparency with their customer fees and delivery driver compensation. This lack of transparency makes it frustrating for delivery drivers, and calculating earnings for deliveries can be impossible.

TripDelivers Drivers are true owner-operators. Unlike other major delivery service companies, TripDelivers Drivers are paid directly by the consumer. Drivers have their own merchant accounts and keep 100% of the fare and tip.

As a TripDelivers Driver for restaurant deliveries, you will be guaranteed a minimum of $5.50 per pickup, plus 100% of time, distance and the tip. And, you’ll earn an additional $1 per mile after the first mile.

Consumers like TripDelivers service because there are no menu markups to consumers, hidden fees or never surge pricing. The TripDelivers receipt is always transparent to
Qualifying as a TripDelivers Driver is easy! All you need is a valid drivers license, insurance and access to a car, motorcycle, scooter or bicycle (all drivers must be at least 18 years old).

The TripDelivers Difference

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TripRides Rideshare Service Coming Soon!

Keep 100% of Your Fare & Tip Revenue.

With TripDelivers, you keep 100% of your trip fare & tip. And earn excellent residual income referring restaurants & other drivers to the platform. Learn more!
*monthly subscription not charged until 1 month after TripDelivers goes live in your market

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