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Ron Haslam

Voice Broadcast Dialer

Use our Agent Lead Tool® Dialer for strategic marketing to broadcast your message to the thousands for only pennies. We will broadcast your recorded message to a demographically filtered & scrubbed list of leads you choose. This service is perfect for:

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Realtors
  • Direct Sales
  • Appointment Setting
  • Political Message
  • Community Service Announcements

Rate: Starting at .20¢ per min. 1000 list min to dial. ALL PRICING includes list & dial time.

Rate Calculation:

1000 dials with 30 sec message = 30,000 sec of air time

30,000 sec = 500 minutes if air time

500 minutes at .20¢ per min = $100

$100 – TWdiscount = $97 starting rate per campaign

How to start:

  1. Choose your parameters you want to call from filters in our check out. Choose the zip code, age, income, credit, etc.
  2. Schedule when you would like you call to go out. (Give a 48 hour notice)
  3. Choose your type of campaign. (Go to live only, Go to VM only, Go to both)
  4. Wait for your confirmation email with instructions on number to call to record your message you’d like sent out. (30 sec message max)
  5. Make sure you speak clearly, slowly, and give a clear call to action. Ex. “High this is Terry with terrywilson3.com. I’m offering free audiobooks by your favorite author for simply checking my website out. Go to terrywilson3.com/freebook to get your free audiobook today”

The cost of the list, dial time, and performed service is covered in the purchase price. (30 sec message max) Results are totally dependent upon the effectiveness of the script, offer, and targeting the right audience. If you are targeting the right audience with the right message you should be able to get a 2% response which means 20 leads per 1000 calls.

Voice Broadcast Message to Filtered Scrubbed List - Business to Customer
Voice Broadcast Message to Filtered Scrubbed List – Business to Customer
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